Friday, October 14, 2016

Did They Really Think That Would Work?

OK, so a couple recent posts have staked out the reasons for not supporting Donald Trump's campaign.  There has been one reviewing an article criticizing Democratic vice-presidential candidate Tim Kaine.  Now it's time to heave a few large stones at the Democrats generally.  Thanks to Wikileaks, we now know


Not only that but Democratic party leaders created their own Catholic advocacy groups to foment their changes from within the Church.  Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good?  Yep.  Catholics United? Yep, them, too.  

Let's repeat that:  these groups were created to bring about change within the Catholic Church--changes that corresponded nicely to mainstream Democratic Party politics.

Let that sink in. 

The evidence:

Re: opening for a Catholic Spring? just musing . . .

Read more here.

Well, well, well.  Isn't this an inconvenient truth?  

#1 -- This information provided by Wikileaks is not pure.  It has been released at a particular time to effect change in the American electorate.  I.e., Wikileaks founder Julian Assange despises Hillary Clinton, so anything like this from Wikileaks must be viewed for what it is:  political leverage.  So while the revelations themselves should concern us, so too should the means by which we learn of them.  Criticizing the revelations does not necessarily entail supporting Trump, but clearly those releasing this information wish that it would.

#2 -- The attempt to foment change within a religious community at all, let alone one with the social and historical standing as the American Catholic Church is, flatly, unvarnished arrogance.  If Podesta and Newman had discussed doing the same with any other religious group, there would be cries of outrage.  But Roman Catholicism? Hey, last acceptable prejudice, baby!

#3 -- Furthermore, Newman and Podesta's planning reveals at least some sympathies with, and occasionally directly patterned after, that good ol' social agitation/activism model set forth by Saul Alinsky.  In sum, the burden of maintaining the status quo lies solely with "the Other" (in this case, the Church) while the agitators gleefully pick their battles with few costs and maximum benefit.  This process creates the illusion of change created from within, and spares the agitators the moral indictment of simply forcing change through external force.  THAT is what Stalin did;  the agitators seek the same end but through more coy, subversive methods.

#4 -- That all being said, the Podesta/Newman emails also reveals a startlingly frank and appallingly low awareness of how the Catholic Church actually works.  Doctrine does not change because the zeitgeist momentarily blows against it.  This tells us something about political activism generally, and leftist activism specifically, namely that change is really only worthwhile change when it changes realities to better fit the initiator's established world view.  Reread that email and note their simplistic understanding that sheer numbers should, as they see it, bring about change.  Rod Dreher demolishes for what it is here, and Chad Pecknold does the same here.  It is important that this sort of covert operation be brought to life for all to see and then left to wither on the vine.

Because now they're coming for the Catholics, but someday, who knows, it might be the Baptists, the Jews, the Jehovah's Witnesses, the Mormons, or whoever.  But they will come for each, eventually.

So as they say...
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Not, though, violently so.  The Catholic rebellion should be the all-the-more conscientious practice of Catholic Christianity itself.  Simply being Catholic--doing Catholic things, saying Catholic prayers, and supporting Catholic institutions--will suffice because even that offends the elites who seek to mold the Church in their vision.  As Matt Swaim tweeted:



And note, folks, that #CatholicSpring has been happening since....oh THE RESURRECTION.  Because inside that dome appear the words "You are Peter, the rock...
 and upon this rock I will build my church,
 and the gates of the netherworld shall not prevail against it.
(Matthew 16:18)

Let Podesta and Clinton and whoever else send their groups. I will take the Church, and thus the Lord, every time.

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