Monday, October 31, 2016

FWIW, blog acronyms

For What It's Worth...

occasionally issues emerge on which I'd like to comment, but only for one post.  Anything more seems to take a step towards that slippery slope and then this issue--which is passing--becomes THE.ONLY.THING.THIS.BLOG.IS.ABOUT.

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source: Window Incident Response blog via Google

Thus:  TOTISSAT:  The Only Time I'll Say Something About This.

Fair warning:  I have been working on one such post for about two months.

Then there's:  "OKFIBAT": "OK, Fine, I'll Blog About This."  -- for those times when an issue, which once seemed a passing fad, has demonstrated some staying power.

Finally, WISWN:  What I'm Struggling With Now -- perhaps more self-explanatory, an occasional excursion into theological/spiritual conundrums still challenging us.  These pop up all the time.

These acronyms will also help categorize this blog's accumulating posts.  Can you believe it's been FOUR YEARS already?

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