Wednesday, December 23, 2015

keep the Faith

international edition....

Checking this blog's stats and for the first time EVER, there are more reader hits from a country other than the United States.  Currently this blog's greatest activity comes from....BRUNEI.

At this point it is important to remember this story in the news.  Brunei is run according to Sharia law, and thus allowed Christmas celebrations. This year, though, the public celebration thereof was judged to threaten the beliefs of Brunei's majority population.  Public expressions of Christmas, i.e., Christianity, including crosses and decorations (at this point someone should perhaps inform Brunei's sultan that a cross is not a Christmas decoration) will be strictly banned.

So, if those in Brunei reading this blog are Christians (Catholic or not) restrained by this legislation, know that this blog appreciates your interest and prays for your faith, your well-being, and a very merry Christmas.

As St. John Paul II repeated, Be Not Afraid!  Never, ever give up hope.

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