Wednesday, September 9, 2015

gratitude's surprising environment

Stephen Colbert, the new host of CBS's Late Show, is GQ's cover story.  Brooklyn's Deacon Greg Kandra writes:

The funnyman is about to unveil “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on CBS, and he gets profiled in the latest issue of GQ and offers some personal theology that is as beautiful as it is unexpected. When was the last time you heard a famous late night comic talk like this?  Luke Russert even tweeted about this yesterday, noting: “Fantastic piece. Catholic undertones in every Colbert answer.”

Full Colbert interview in GQ here.

Kandra's post interpreting said interview here.

Catholic undertones in every answer. 

Just let that sink in.  Are there problems with mainstream media.  Yes, absolutely.  But here, in the time slot where we expect to see nothing but cynical ridicule instead we have Colbert's startling declarations of gratitude and faith. And these are thoroughly, unapologetically Roman Catholic. So much for evangelizing through dour denials or condemnations.  Look at Colbert's intelligence, wit, and humor... and realize that fueling all that is his faith.  

There are times when Colbert shamelessly offers as humor what we might otherwise call catechetics.  Here's another one--a send-up of hymnody and dance.

He's out of breath at the end...and you can tell he had fun doing that. Good--and good to laugh at ourselves.
It is wonderful to appreciate and should spark thanksgiving to God for gracious gifts such as this.  Not Colbert's position to influence culture (although he does have that), but not even the moments when his material is conscientiously Catholic, but rather the simple, joyous presence of his faith...and the power that illuminate and inspire us, too.

Late addition:  Colbert's show debuted last night on CBS.  Here is Deacon Kandra's review.  With Colbert now all three major late-night show hosts are Catholics:  Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon.  James Fisher once wrote about the Catholic takeover of popular culture.  It would seem we're about to see another installment.

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