Friday, August 7, 2015

auto-tune the Church

Hot new designer church labels, y'all.

Somewhere, somehow this all fits under the canopy of "inculturated Christianity."  The Gospel makes more converts by sense within the cultural categories wherever the Gospel is present.  A sort of "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" or, a tad more earthy as my wife's French-Canadian grandfather once told an equally stubborn New Hampshire priest, "You attract more ants with honey than vinegar."  SO, that means, repackage Christian truths to fit better the culture in which Christians find themselves.

But darn it, those snobs at the Washington Post don't get our hip, trendy ways.  One Post contributor doesn't want a hipster Jesus.

Now all that comes under the big, overstuffed file folder labeled "American Christianity."  All sorts of stuff there--end-timers, home-schoolers, the Duggars, Westboro Baptist Church, oh, and a bunch of normal, everyday folks who, on the basis of their Christian faith, try to make the world a better place. But the minute you connect that word "updating" with anything "Catholic" and just watch your servers melt and if you're not careful, you might break Google.

So:  aggiornomento!

All this and the only thing I could think about while scrolling through the trendy logos was this autotune.  Some might say that IS the best Catholic autotune "the Church keeps backin' up, backin' up, backin' up...because our Holy Father taught us good..." HA HA--ROTFLMAO.  No, autotuning the news is basically the same as these continual stabs at relevance and trendiness.  There's always one more new logo or sign, when really all you need is Jesus, the Cross, the empty tomb, and the Church. Of course, those old landmarks can lead us in new directions, too.  But that's not auto-tuning the Church;  it's evangelization.

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