Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Love, Tolerance, and the Making of Distinctions | Word on Fire

Love, Tolerance, and the Making of Distinctions | Word on Fire  Father Robert Barron blogs on philosophical distinctions, love & hate, and what 'tolerance' really means.  Father Barron has the theological Midas touch;  everything he produces turns to gold.  We all know this, but sometimes we all need to take time and *read*him* to remind ourselves.  Barron:

Distinctions are called for, furthermore, regarding the word “tolerance,” which is bandied about constantly today. Typically, it has come to mean acceptance and even celebration. Thus, if one is anything shy of ecstatic about gay marriage or transgenderism, one is insufficiently “tolerant.” In point of fact, the term implies the willingness to countenance a view or activity that one does not agree with. Hence, in the context of our wise political system, each citizen is required to tolerate a range of opinions that he finds puzzling, erroneous, repugnant or even bizarre. There are lots of good reasons for this toleration, the most important of which are respect for the integrity of the individual and the avoidance of unnecessary civil strife, but it by no means implies that one is obliged to accept or celebrate those perspectives. Thus, one should certainly tolerate the right of a person to become transgendered without feeling, at the same time, obliged to exult in that person’s choice.

Read the rest here.  Father Barron writes about the Bruce/Caitlynn Jenner situation, but surely these insights apply to more than just that one instance.

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