Thursday, February 12, 2015

obligatory, part I

Since everybody else is blogging about it...The movie Fifty Shades of Gray debuts, in fine ironic fashion, on Feb. 14, Valentine's Day.  Ha ha--I get it:  on a day that celebrates romantic love we'll release a movie about not-romantic love, the kink-ed out version.


There are several criticisms of the movie and even a proposed boycott.  Good, earnest stuff--why cede territory without contesting it? If we believe that the Gospel includes a holistic, healthy, and authentically fun and joyful vision of marriage, then we should get the word out, shouldn't we?


Matt Fradd at The Porn Effect produced several memes (no longer available) that raised legitimate concerns about the movie. How problematic is it?  Just this morning two female students--one a lesbian and the other a Buddhist--both denounced the movie as harmful sham with very slick marketing.  They were both angry about the movie and book's popularity.  So much for the Church being a lone voice in the wilderness...and, for those keeping score at home, there future blog-able material there about the Church, natural law, virtue ethics, and evangelization.   The lesbian, the Buddhist, and their Roman Catholic professor all in agreement.  Who said the Spirit doesn't move?   Even our good friends in the Reformed tradition (where I once, prior to conversion, stood gladly) get it:
yeah, ok

Related, Catholic Memes likewise sees freedom and joy where the world sees oppression and superstition.

Beyond the catchy memes, though, there are more than fifty deconstructions of Fifty Shades.  These range from the breezily orthodox to trenchant quasi-secular to yet another reminder that the Theology of the Body offers a more authentic and joyful vision of human sexuality.  All very good and contributions to our multivalent conversation in contrast to the grim and vacuous bestseller.  Still, it always helps to hear from voices in the trenches, and on the subject of marital bliss few have grasped its truth and expressed this so succinctly for the rest of us as Ginny Lieto does here.  Good stuff--and following Ginny's blog is highly recommended.  There is a Catholic blogger who's quickly found her voice and niche.  You will see more from her in the future.

OK, why "Obligatory"?  Because it seems necessary to chip in two cents on the issues as they pass by.  ISIS, SSM, Super Bowl XLIX--there's so much that this blog has missed.  At this rate, the Resurrection will have occurred two to three weeks before this blog gets around to noticing it.  Hopefully producing "Obligatory part II" won't take as long!

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