Friday, July 12, 2013

find a way--or make one

So said Admiral Perry about his trek to the North Pole.  And it's good advice to remember in these days.  Despair is not an option.  There is far more good in this life and in this world, and God, having made our lives and our world, calls us to it all.  In both the macro- and microcosm, good exists.  We have but to find it, and in so doing celebrate and nurture it.

Sometimes we feel ourselves doomed to failure, and we might often feel as if we don't know what we're looking for, since very little "good" seems evident.  But it is there.  The storm will pass.  The night will end and the sun will rise.  Pray, and press on.

And some times some of the very people who otherwise serve as impediments to our search for the good can, perhaps inadvertently, aid our quest.  One of the best examples from my own life came within the past year from somebody who, in unleashing a stinging rebuke of John Paul II's life and career (a tirade which convinced me to no longer listen to this person at all), riffed on John Paul's favorite--and inaugural line--of his papacy:  "Be not afraid!"  Well, that might have been the only time this person ever got anything right...because that is indeed the case.  "Be not afraid!" is another way of saying "find a way--or make one."

So fret not.  Remember the prayer at Mass: "deliver us, Lord, from every anxiety and graciously grant us peace in our day."  We simply need to remember that Christ has, in fact, freed us--from anxiety and fear.  And in so doing, illuminated our search for the good in our own lives.

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