Thursday, July 25, 2013


Nothing like a week long, 6-hours-a-day discussion of the theology of the Church!  A very inspired--and inspiring--group, and the upshot is that the human future of the Church has a few more good hands to uphold it.  I say "human" because, obviously, God upholds the Church so its future is assured.  Still, it's nice to know there are some folks doing some good work out there.

Two things:  enthusiasm for Jesus, the Church, and its sacraments.  This is a group that really does love Christ and the Church and thus speaks openly about needing communication with the Lord.  They're excited about what Pope Francis brings and will bring to the Church, and they remain enthusiastic about emeritus Pope Benedict XVI.  There's also a corresponding mistrust of American cultural enthusiasm which bent on sweeping away the Church's global structures of rule of law, as if an immediate decision--often made hastily and without full appreciation and consideration of the repercussions--is always best.

Finally, a growing realization that the Church needs again--a tune we hear frequently--greater catechetics.  The Church's "best kept secrets"--its social justice traditions, its spiritual diversity, and its celebration of human dignity--are not arcane artifacts hidden away in triple-locked safe rooms.  They're all readily available, if Catholics--and quite frankly others interested in bettering human life--would but develop some enthusiasm and immerse themselves in what the Church already offers freely.

It's all there.

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