Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Catholic Church as the Second Heaven

The Catholic Church as the Second Heaven

From last month, Andrew Kim tells of a Korean butcher who has converted:

"Moreover, the butcher did not have a formal theological education
like the priest did, so, with a shrug of his shoulders the butcher
addressed the room: “I think the Catholic Church must be the second
Heaven, the Heaven on earth, because it is the only place where I have
ever been treated like a human being.”

Kim concludes: "I believe that this is what the Catholic Church is supposed to be. As stated in Gaudium et Spes,
the Church is called to form the human race into a single family of
God. A family is a place where everyone can enjoy the freedom and
comfort of belonging despite their differences. The Church should be a
refuge from the divisive, degrading, and dehumaizing structures that
beset the modern condition.

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