Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who Said This Was Going To Be Easy?

My latest over at the SJCME theology blog.  Which everybody should follow, if not already.  The contributions there run the spectrum of theological topics, but rest assured the theology is rock-solid Roman Catholic.  It is an honor to work with my colleagues there.

Although I am, admittedly, the one who always pulls pop culture into the discussions.  If you're looking for an answer to the blog post's question, here's a video (warning:  with some racy scenes--SFW but some might not like it anyway) that provides the same answer (i.e., NO ONE) in a slightly different key.

The Gospel call is unique and all-encompassing, and we are told it won't be easy.  That being said, there's a gritty realism shared by the Gospel and other walks of life. 

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