Monday, May 12, 2014

not the same thing

Getting ready for the Albany diocese's 2014 Spring Enrichment...and yes, Spiritual Diabetes will play a role.  In that mind, googling "spiritual diabetes" also brought up this blog combining spiritual and diabetic discourses.  Goldstein seems to seek spiritual remedies and/or therapies for those suffering from diabetes.  Here is another example of somebody combining "sweet," "sugar," and "spiritual" language.  While using similar terms (at least at first), those blogs pursues an agenda quite different from this one.  As stated earlier, this blog uses diabetes as a discursive and analytic metaphor.  I don't pretend to address the physical realities confronting those combating diabetes--type I or type II.  Those are very real problems, and I am *not* seeking to add to the burdens of those suffering.  (Nor, it should be clear, is Goldstein.)

Our nation's--and, really, our planet's--diabetes epidemic, though, prompt questions about spiritual consumption and 'exercise.'  Just as the type II diabetic can no longer convert the energy already present in the bloodstream, the spiritual diabetic sits awash in spiritual energy...but can't properly convert it.  The resulting 'high blood sugar' in this spiritual version becomes an unslakable thirst for more and more spiritual consumption...which in turn only exacerbates the original problem.  Signs of this, it seems to me, are the various expressions of rock-sure supremacy of one's views or, in the secular framework, assurance of purely secular solutions to situations which clearly involve spiritual perspectives.  These damaging absolutisms are counterbalanced by the broader Christian, and specifically Roman Catholic, tradition.  These, obviously, involve absolute perspectives--Jesus Christ is fully human and fully divine, etc.--but these appear within a spiritual "work-out" framework that juxtaposes human frailty/tragedy with divine knowledge and mercy.  Make no mistake, though, Christians--and certainly Roman Catholics--can suffer from spiritual diabetes, just as they suffer from the physical form.

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