Monday, April 28, 2014

at the corner of John XXIII and Pius X

Wow, one month and so much to blog about.  It'll happen...eventually.  Grateful for all of you ("all y'all" as we'd say back home) for keeping in touch.  Among the topics to be investigated:
Bishop Edward Scharfenberger's installation on April 10 as Albany's 10th bishop
*  my rediscovery of Jesus Christ Superstar 
*  And yesterday's "Day of Four Popes" -- the canonizations of St. John XXIII and St. John Paul II

On that last note, a couple teasers....
*  Angelo Roncalli was ordained to the priesthood in 1904 in Rome and, just days later, met Pope St. Pius X.  The meeting and Pius' legacy always remained with Roncalli;  even as pope John frequently quoted Pius X approvingly. This intersection--surely not coincidental--between the two men who both served as Archbishop of Venice and Bishop of Rome should figure more prominently than it has.  There's one place in Rome where you'll always reminded since you literally stand at the intersection of John XXIII and Pius X.

*And amid all the dual canonization furor, Kathryn Fernandez contributes a helpful reminder that sometimes a special day just doesn't come together.  I think Kathryn's comments provide a neat foil to both the hagiographies and the equally vocal (but numerically smaller) accounts questioning the rush to canonize either Wojtyla, Roncalli, or both.  Her words also attest to our continual need for grace.  God's mercy and love fuels the Church, not our good intentions, warm feelings, or (self) righteous anger.  Augustinian, not Pelagian.

Kathryn includes this photo:
Down at the bottom...that clump of trees?  That's the intersection of John XXIII and Pius X. Notice how the crowd reaches even there (around the corner, view completely obstructed)....and beyond.  Don't be surprised when our convenient readings of Catholic history become, upon further consideration, more not less complicated.

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