Wednesday, March 19, 2014

the curve--ahead of it

The first anniversary of Francis' election as Pope and Bishop of Rome came last Thursday,  March 13.  Paul Elie wonders if "the Francis effect" is raising hope too high.  Elie:

"Many of them are coming in the expectation that Francis will set in motion changes in the church: changes in controverted teachings having to do sexuality, the sacraments, ordination, church governance, and so on.  Through his remarks, and through actions such as the convening of a “group of eight” cardinals,” Francis himself has raised these expectations..."

This thirst for change!, or at least the attempt to analyze it theologically, fuels this Spiritual Diabetes blog.  Thirst is common indicator of diabetes--physically and spiritually.  Just drinking more water won't help.

 More Elie:
When an expectation of change, and accreting evidence of imminent change, was followed by no change, the consequences were profound.  Truly, we are still feeling them – and in this sense Francis’s pontificate picks up a narrative line left hanging when Paul issued Humanae Vitae in 1968, not one left hanging when John XXIII died in 1963.

 It’s very appealing to think of Pope Francis as following in the footsteps of Pope John; but in his second year, he is going to have to walk in the footsteps of Pope Paul as well.  And undoubtedly this will lead him to a place where he will have to act decisively — and divisively. 

HHhmm, I think I've this before.  Oh wait--that's because I noticed the "Humanae Vitae moment" dilemma just as it appeared on the horizon.  It only makes sense.  The resignation of Benedict XVI alone was enough to give some cause for celebration.  Now, if Francis doesn't act in accordance with their expectations, well, then...he made us do it

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