Thursday, January 16, 2014

mystical body

Susan Windley-Daoust, who blogs regularly at Ironic Catholic, has a new book and blog on the Theology of the Body.  Recently she reposted from Facebook a story from Father Vincent Daily, who has a sister with Down Syndrome.  During a hospital visit Father Daily's sister provided some simple palliative care for another patient undergoing chemotherapy.  She simply sat there, and in doing so brightened the other woman's face.  Susan then reflects on the spiritual capabilities of religious sisters with DS.  Turns out they embody a message for us all, but not merely one that illuminates different abilities.

But the habited nuns with DS stand as a stark visual reminder of the universal call to holiness. That indeed, regardless of any limitation, we are called to a spiritual infinite—we are called to union with God.

This, Susan reminds us, shouldn't surprise us.  "Indeed, too much surprise should convict us."  Great concluding line.

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  1. What a powerful image, what a powerful thought!