Thursday, September 19, 2013

ever wondered...

...if things are really going down the tubes--like the prophets of doom always insist?

Well, take a look at this and tell me they're not right.  And if that isn't enough, Liz "The Anchoress" Scalia this week posted on Facebook a reaction to something that boggles the mind.

I know--that last one really threw me, too.

I'll admit, a couple decades ago, in the flush and rage of the twentysomethings I had little patience for the wiser, more patient, "joy and hope" theme pervading theological studies (or at least the circles in which I moved then).  Now, though, I think I might be getting at least some of it.  Humanity can create products like those mentioned above--and all to avoid confrontation with the realities of life.  Given that, surely there's some good in humanity, try as we might to hide it from each other and ourselves.  "Nothing that is genuinely human fails to find an echo in their hearts." (GS 1)

But look again at products like that...and wow, I can see where the pessimists get their fuel.

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