Thursday, May 30, 2013

whoops, self-poisoned well(s)

Turns out the Chinese one-child policy, so long a feature of our modern life, isn't so great.  The NY Times article referenced is well worth the read.  China leads the world in female suicides.  That alone grabbed my attention.  Mirror of Justice's Rick Garnett also indicates that some American commentators would rather look the other way than address this.

That the Chinese themselves recognize what's being done to their own nation--physically, psychically, and demographically--must register.  "The big plan that can't fail"--the one-child policy, the Cultural Revolution, "socialism in one country," Lebensraum, the HHS mandate, and some visions of the Global War on Terror--surely reveal that 1) you better believe such plans can fail, and miserably so; and 2) it's human nature (there's your Augustinianism for the day) to a) screw things up; and b) think we ourselves are free of that unfortunate predilection.  In other words, yes, sometimes we need big plans but at the same time don't think big plans cure all ills and come consequence-free.

Same theme, different focus-->how about this sugar-whipped little sweet-tart (if your political leanings tilt left instead of right) from L. Z. Granderson?   It's this sort of op-ed column from the "mainstream" that leaves the like-minded slavering for more while those NOT-like-minded walk away muttering hateful things.  Was Michelle Bachmann presidential?  Probably not, but in many ways a far more serious candidate--and person--than Sarah Palin.  Who cares?  The Bachmann-haters will tolerate no dissent:  she's simply evil.  Lacking even basic dignity, she's therefore a consequence-free target.  Whatever's said about her--"stupid party," homophobe, Christian wacko--is completely morally permissible.  Remember the corn dog photo?  Or how about joking about sexual violence?

So amid the sugar-rush of "let's diss the bitch one more time," we overlook some of the good Michelle Bachmann accomplished. Folks, she's a foster mother several times over.  She, along with Hillary Rodham Clinton, are the only women to organize serious nation-wide presidential campaigns for the two national parties.  All the stereotypes about Tea Partiers being close-minded fools, and their leading candidate was an evangelical Christian woman from Minnesota?  Did anybody every consider the incongruency there? Apparently not--"we" (whoever that is) stand pat with what we already know about her.

All to the detriment of our American public discourse--and this through one of the most prominent 'mainstream' sources.  Just like the Chinese who are slowly awakening to what they've done to themselves with their one-child policy, at some point the mainstream media and at least some of the political left/center will realize what their dismissive and condescending rhetoric has brought about--their own marginalization (or factionalization), and the ever-accelerating nastiness of our national "tone."

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