Monday, March 4, 2013

the anchor's there...

...we just have to believe it'll hold when we need it, George Weigel reminds us.

Several years ago, during a family vacation to Maine, the Spiritual Diabetes children swam out to a diving platform.  Anchored ashore by a long rope, the platform rose and fell with the tides.  When the kids swam out, it was high tide so the older ones used the rope for guidance.  I had to tell the youngest--who wanted to join the fun out in the water--to use the rope.  "Trust me," I said, "it'll be there."

Weigel's column reminded me of that need for reassurance.  Yet we also need to develop the strength and confidence to swim without always clutching at the guideline.  Ed Peters indicates that even the cardinals wrestle with this.  From EP's Canon Law Facebook:

This struck me as odd.

Per VIS, “During the course of the meeting,” Fr. Lombardi added, “Dean Sodano proposed to the cardinals that, if they sent a message to the Pope emeritus, he would give a written response for one of the following meetings.”

Not a good idea, imho.

Why put the former pope in such a position? He said he wanted to withdraw from public affairs, no? Why not take him at his word? Why invite him to communicate with the College one time, inevitably increasing expectations on him that he communicate again, and on the College that it invite him to communicate again, and/or make others wonder why they did or he does not? Talk about fodder for endless speculation.

Bad idea. Take the man at his word, and leave him alone.
This sedevacante, occurring during Lent as it has, gives the entire Church a chance to reflect, pray, and consider the situation we've left for the next pope.  I say "we" because we the Church, Christ's body, unite in prayer for the conclave and for our pope emeritus, and our actions likewise--both sinful and redemptive--contribute to that body's stature.  
 And while we can injure the body, its health has another guarantor, doesn't it?

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