Monday, February 4, 2013

that boot-on-your-neck feeling

So this past Friday the Obama administration wheeled out yet another tweaking of the HHS mandate.  The Catholic Twitterverse and blogosphere promptly lit up.  MAYBE THIS TIME WE WIN...

(First off, remember back in the day when the Left complained about the Bush administration releasing information on Friday afternoons?  Well, at least one person was taking notes because look who's doing it now!)

Anyway, the point:  no sense in relenting now.  The Obama admin insists on miniscule tweaks in attempts to placate the unanticipated religious opposition to the HHS mandate--while still maintaining the mandate.  Otherwise, the Obama base will go ballistic over a "concession" to the religious Right and its so-called "war on women."  See Amanda Marcotte, Sandra Fluke, Valerie Jarrett, Joe Biden, et al.

Meanwhile, the Catholic blogosphere has recovered from its Friday swoon and the cold reality remains:  the Obama administration will stop at nothing--and will use every rhetorical, media, and cultural leverage point it can find/acquire/borrow/steal--to implement its HHS mandate.  So the boot's still on the throat; now they're simply asking if we 1) prefer a left or right-footed boot; and 2) a modern gore-tex low-profile hiking boot or a good-old fashioned metal-studded black biker leather boot.

But it's still a boot and it's still on the throats of any person/group/church/whatever that has decided to resist the Obama administration's plans.  May these folks be strengthened in their resolve.  It's a long fight and there's still a lot of time to go.

Meanwhile, the good ol' Catholic left continues to insist that nothing's wrong.  This is the real scandal.  There will always be powers seeking to delegitimatize, marginalize, or otherwise impede and/or dissolve the Catholic Church.  This welling-up from within, though, that openly seeks alliance with the oppressing powers precisely when it's clear that the Church is under attack...THAT is a problem.  At what point do we move from admonishment of sinners to simply distancing ourselves?  Have the ends of the ideological spectrum become so ingrained, so enmeshed, in the Church that we no longer see the Church as a respite from the world but instead just a continuation of it?  How much longer must we, who see the Obama administration's HHS mandate as a grossly unjust imposition on our religious freedom and that of other groups, suffer the ridicule and dismissive attitudes of our own co-religionists?

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