Monday, January 7, 2013

I heard there's a football game tonight!

Here's a good take on the Alabama v. Notre Dame game.  And a neat head-to-head comparison.

And yet I'll be glad when it's over.  No more "Catholics vs Cousins" jokes, no more self-indulgent comments from the Catholic theological academy.  This isn't as bad as last year's all-SEC match-up but it's getting there.

A wise Fordham historian posted on Facebook the following reminder:
 "The Irish best player is a Mormon. The Crimson Tide's all-time greatest is Joe Willie Namath, Catholic outta Western PA. George Wallace launched his campaign for presidency in 68 in Milwaukee, noting that he spoke better Polish than his rivals."

So much for the stereotypes.  Upon further review the apparent clear and decisive differences are, yet again, much muddier than anyone wants to admit.  Which is why we get even more stereotyping.

Because folks like mud on their players' uniforms, not glopping up neat little categories.

It's this Notre Dame/Alabama overload why Charles Pierce's piece from about Johnny Manziel's Cotton Bowl performance is so needed.  There's more out there than just the Golden Dome or the Crimson Tide.

And...I really want to know, what do the Jesuits at Spring Hill College think?  They're Catholics in Alabama (and have been there for some time!).  I guess divided loyalties don't make good Internet memes unless it involves criticism of the institutional Church....

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