Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Remember thou art dust...

and to dust we shall return.

Two stories discovered while trolling on Election Day:

Michael Anthony Novak at America magazine discussing a recent cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgeries
Deanna Thompson on her own blog discussing a recent cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgeries.

Full disclosure:  Deanna and I crossed paths twenty-odd years ago at Vanderbilt; she an ascending doctoral student in Theology and I a maladjusted master's student.  Then she became, among other things, one of emerging leaders of young scholars in the AAR.  News of her cancer diagnosis shocked me, so what it must've done to her family and friends eclipses my comprehension.

I don't know Mr. Novak, but his story--which I read just hours after discovering Deanna's blog--is equally gripping.

And here's the point:  in both cases there's a sense of the unflinching, unconquerable human spirit--the one who is sick still struggling with the diagnosis and not yet ready to give up--as well as a sure notion of grace both immanent and transcendent.  Both Anthony and Deanna attest to this in their stories.  The temptation to verbosity should be resisted here.  Better to read their stories and contemplate our own lives and the God who sustains us all.

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